A Light in the Tunnel podcast is a format where the author reads two chapters of the story each episode. For many, reading is not the optimal way to take in information–for others it works just fine. Either way, audio is an effective medium to experience the book how the author meant for it to be read. Here’s some more information about what exactly you might be getting yourself into!
Story is used to imagine a series of events which could wake our culture up to solving some of our problems as humans.
Education is a foundation for this strategy for change within the story. Finding purpose, as a community, in improving the learning environment for our children. What series of events would have to occur in order to make this happen?
But it doesn’t end there. A Light in the Tunnel is about the part that each of us must play and the role of government in helping us improve. It’s about promoting attitudes of ease and hope–seeing beauty more often. It is about communicating more effectively, so that we can see…that we all pretty much want the same thing.
These are the ideas that the characters promote. The story is how they came to be who they are, and how they go about completing their task of directing society in a more positive direction. Through politics, through religion, through business, through the power of fame–they make their accomplishments.
Author Abraham Gordon
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