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Abraham lives a life of gratitude. A middle child of five, it was only after becoming an adult that he realized the value of alone time. Embarking on various solo expeditions, a passion for writing evolved. He has been a teacher in Taiwan, Israel, South Korea, and the United States. Discovering a joy of writing, experiencing life through the lens of a teacher, and prioritizing spiritual practices; have combined forces to create this story of possibility. Abraham currently resides at an ashram in Virginia with his family.


My childhood was awesome. When I think back, all I really cared about was playing. Being the middle of five children of course created an environment of constant action. But I loved it. I love all of my siblings and my family. I always have.

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My decision to spend a year teaching English in Taiwan after graduation coincided with an experience that had a dramatic effect on my life outlook. In the summer between my graduation from university and my year in Taiwan, my best friend Yoni’s younger brother Sol was diagnosed with leukemia, and eventually past away before his eighteenth birthday.

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Israel is my home country even though it is not my home country. But it also is my home country. In terms of family that is. Israelis are bold and very understanding of reality. Because of it, they have had to make themselves hard. They’ve achieved this mostly with their minds – cloaking themselves in the laws of nature and the realities of life.

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I still had no idea what I wanted to do in terms of career. I liked teaching and after I got home to New York, I decided to embark on the arduous Teach For America application process. I made it to the final round but in the end wasn’t accepted to the program.

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After those three experiences abroad, I felt an itching to get back to my home country and stay for a while. I felt strengthened by my experience and had a vision of my real work needing to be done in a culture I was most familiar with. I applied and was accepted to a prestigious progressive school of education in New York City.

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After the school year, I felt I had some experimenting to do. I really wanted to see proof that everything would be alright if I just leapt. I bought an old hatchback Subaru, packed it up with all my belongings and hit the road. I had a few guideposts…that was all. I knew I had some friends I wanted to go see, and I knew that I wanted to land in a place where I could do some quality snowboarding. I had about five or six thousand dollars to keep me treading water for a bit. It was October.

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A job opportunity came my way back in New York that caused me to leave Colorado at the end of the season. Perhaps I was too high on the idea of letting go, or perhaps I was too eager to be seen as valuable. I won’t say I made the wrong choice, because one thing leads to the next, but I do feel that my eyes could have been open a bit wider to the reality of that situation. Other people are tricky though.

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Yoga Training

The owners sold the restaurant, and I took that as my cue to head back east. I had finally gotten another car (a deep blue hatchback), so Kira and I hit the road and headed back east. There were a few reasons that drove me to make this decision, but none more than it just feeling right.

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